Just Adventure have posted a Q&A with the Bethesda team about the soon to be released Action/Adventure/RPG game, Pirates of the Caribbean:

    JA - Many RPGs incorporate elements from different genres. Could you please estimate the percentage of adventure, arcade and strategy? For instance, will the player get to control elements of a party, or is this game pretty much hack and slash action?

    Pirates has a little bit of everything. You get to decide how to develop your character (and your ship) as the game goes along. There's lots of action in the land and sea battles, where the land-based combat has more of a hack-and-slash feel to it, while the sea battles are a little more strategic because you may have multiple ships on either side to keep track of and fight. At sea, you have some control over the other ships under your command (you can have up to three), as you can tell them which enemy ship to attack, or to follow you, etc.