The Adrenaline Vault have posted an interview with Reflexive's lead designer and co-producer, Ion Hardie about Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader, the role-playing game which is being made in co-operation with Black Isle:

    What have you done to enforce the role-playing aspect of Lionheart?

    We don't enforce anything; you can play however you like. We allow players to create whatever character type they desire, and to play whatever personality they want, whether it's a silent warrior, a slick diplomat or an arrogant Inquisitor. There are consequences for your actions, good and bad. If you feel the goblins have been given the short end of the stick when it comes to likeability, talk them out of eating you and do some quests for them instead of killing them. Other NPCs might treat you differently for siding with them, but that's your consequence. We wanted the game to feel open, so that anyone at any time could say, "To heck with this talky-talk stuff, eat my blade!" The other guards might pick up arms against you, the Inquisition might decide you're a heretic or the Knights Templars may possibly lock you up, but that's your consequence. You don't lose power or abilities because of this decision, though your character motivations might be perceived differently, thus causing a different ending depending upon your earlier decisions.