GameSpy have posted the first of 5 articles taking a look at the NES as part of the 20th anniversary of its first release in Japan:

    On July 15, 2003 a very special milestone will occur: That day will mark the 20th anniversary of the release of Nintendo's Family Computer (aka Famicom) in Japan. You may know the system better by its Western name, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). But whatever you call it, there's absolutely no denying the impact that Nintendo's 8-bit console had on the video game industry. The Famicom virtually took over the game market in many parts of the world, and it single-handedly revived the flagging interesting in video gaming in North America. Not bad at all for a gaudily-colored lump of plastic built from 1970s technology.

    This week-long feature will be a celebration of all things Famicom. We'll take you through the machine's creation, show off all the vintage hardware, track its difficult journey to America and examine its lasting legacy. Oh, and it kind of goes without saying that we'll be highlighting dozens of the stupendous games it produced along the way, too. So, sit back, relax, and get ready for some heavy-duty video game nostalgia. You're in Famicom country now, and things are different here.