Nintendo Insider is running an article titled, The Games You've Never Heard Of. This article explores the games, which never got enough promotion for us to hear about them:

    France-based Gaming Side has recently begun work on the multiplatform title, The Hill Project. While the development team only launched in February of this year, they've set high hopes for this real-time 3D shoot'em up. The story has it that a mortal virus appeared on Earth more than 300 years ago. As a result, mankind has been forced to explore space and beyond while the Earth is still under quarantine. Some humans have received the right of walking their ancestors' lands to bring back raw materials that can't be extracted from the moon. But the vaccine used to immunize these workers shortens their life duration to a few weeks. These privileged persons are revolting and threaten to disable the power shield that holds Earth in quarantine. It's your job to prevent them from doing so..