HomeLAN have also posted a Q&A with Larian Studios' Swen Vincke about Riftrunner, the second game to be based in the Divinity Universe:

    HomeLAN - Why did Larian decide to expand on the Divine Divinty universe with Riftrunner first, rather than first introducing Divine Divinity 2?

    Swen Vincke - There were multiple reasons but the main one was that we felt the Divinity engine had another game in it, one that would address the things we weren't happy with in Divinity 1 and which would address a number of requests from the fans. Given the feedback we get on a daily basis, it's clear that fans want another Divinity game and it's also clear that they want it now, not next year. With Divinity 2 still some time away, the choice to make a new game based on the Divinity engine therefore made perfect sense.