HomeLAN also chats with Lennart Sas of Triumph Studios about Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, the latest addition to the turn-based strategy series:

    HomeLAN - What new locations and settings will we see in the game?

    Lennart Sas - Every of one of the classic 12 races has a new unit added and a new city upgrade. (there are over 50 new units). The landscapes are also littered with new locations to visit, such as a variety of recruitment structures where you can hire mercenaries instantly.

    Most importantly, the game adds the so-called 'Shadow World'. The Shadow World is an alternate plane of existence... limbo if you like, where magic has gone haywire. Most normal characters suffer from 'Shadow Sickness' it affects their ability to move and fight. A special new pickup can negate these effects for a short while. Also, time and gravity is twisted, so all units move really fast in the shadow world. Two of the new races come from this shadow realm and don't suffer from this negative effect.