HomeLAN have got the latest development diary for FireStarter online. In Part 4, GSC Gameworld's Slava Klimov sheds some light on the other playable characters in this first person shooter:

    Cyborg is a hybrid of mechanical and organic world, it's an ortho-mechanical chassis with human brain and life-support systems. It's been designed to operate in areas inaccessible for regular humans. Its life-support mechanisms are located all over the body and are very fragile in fact. Thus, these parts are heavily armored. Its balance is strongly offset by the armor parameter leaving virtually no room for health and speed. Its basic skills allow the cyborg to effectively use heavy weapons and make use of the grenades and missiles in close combat making it quite a storm of fire if properly armed. This allows him to take upper hand over the monsters attacking from close distance and use rocket-jam more often. There is absolutely no way the cyborg may remain unnoticed and quiet, if you disagree give it a try :)