The second part of Action Vaults X² - The Threat Team Q&A has been posted. This second part asks the team what their personal favorites locations in the X2 universe are:

    Michael Baumgardt

    XNews Editor & Ship Specification Designer

    That one is not so easy; there are so many beautiful places in the X² universe... still, among all those nice locations Shore of Infinity is a sector I like a lot. Although half of the sector is surrounded by pure black space, and with its occasional stars, it has a warm, almost orange lighting to it, which, in contrast to the dark green cloud that covers the other half of my viewscreen, creates a fantastic atmosphere that gives me an impression of warmth in cold space.

    Being a fan of the planet Mars, this sector is also very interesting as it features two planets that are quite similar to our red planet. Several stations of the Borons, a race that lives under water, are scattered all over the area. The green-blue hulls of their stations and their ships with the fish-like scales create a wonderful symphony of reflection. There is not much traffic in this sector; it is calm, peaceful and every now and then, a swarm of spaceflies crosses my path - a truly terrific sight!