Action Vault have got a Q&A with E-Pie Entertainment's Director of International Development, John Fuhrman, about Vietnam War: Ho Chi Minh Trail, their upcoming FPS:

    Action Vault: With respect to the basic concept of the game, what's the player's role? And how does the story play out? Are there missions and a final objective?

    John Fuhrman: The idea behind Ho Chi Minh Trail is that you are a Special Forces commando not only trying to survive in hostile territory until it's time to be evacuated, but also do your best offensively and carry out different attacks on enemy operations in the area.

    The full version will contain more than 60 different missions. How you prioritize different enemy forces, such as advancing, multi-pronged infantry movements, tanks and supply trucks, must be considered in order to successfully complete a mission and move on. This mission to mission focus rather than an overarching main goal underpins the game.