Nintendo Insider chats with Ryan Drummond, the man behind the voice of Sonic in Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut:

    First, how did you land the job of being Sonic's voice? Did they come to you, or did you think you had a nice Sonic voice and show up at some sort of audition?

    I actually went to an audition like you would for most acting jobs. This was different because the Sonic Team was there, and usually for Voice-overs, you audition "on tape" (that usually means onto a computer these days) and your audition gets sent to the people who do the casting. But that day I actually was auditioning live for Sonic Team. I spent the whole time in the waiting room looking at Sonic's picture and imagining what I would expect to hear if I heard this blue hedgehog talking. Before I knew it, it was my turn to read, so I went into the recording booth and out came what we all now know as the voice of Sonic. Within 15 minutes afterwards, they came out and told me I had the job. It was really quite exciting.