Action Vault chats with Product Manager Brian Gladman about Painkiller, the upcoming 3D horror FPS game from developers People Can Fly:

    Action Vault: What are the primary events in the backstory that bring us to the start of the game? And what are you willing to reveal with respect to the main storyline and ultimate objective?

    Brian Gladman: As I said, the game takes place in Purgatory. Our hero finds himself there after he and his wife are killed in a grisly car crash. His wife is in Heaven, but because of some undisclosed past indiscretion, he must do time in Purgatory before his soul can be purified. He develops a reputation for fighting, and is so enlisted by Heaven to help snuff out the war before it starts.

    Through cinematics, we hope to develop the main character as a man who desperately wants to rejoin his wife and claim his place in Heaven. He just has to do a little house cleaning first. ;-)