ActionVault have started a new series of Q&A's with the Homeworld 2 Team. This first part taps five of the developers for their thoughts on the nature of the changes and improvements:

    Cei Gladstone


    We've tried to keep the great elements from the first game - the story, the amazing artwork and the sheer fun of controlling a huge fleet of space ships, while still improving the areas that were weak. For me, the biggest improvement is the use of panels for building and researching. In Homeworld, having more than one battle going on while trying to keep your units building was quite a tough task. When you throw in more than one production ship the player starts to feel overwhelmed.

    With the Homeworld2 system, you can change and monitor your builds while keeping an eye on the map or a battle; add on the improved unit AI, and the game becomes a lot easier to control. Now, people can concentrate on strategy or managing a battle without feeling like they are losing control over the other parts of the game.