HomeLAN have interviewed Massive Entertainments's Henrik Sebring about Ground Control 2 the upcoming RTS sequel:

    HomeLAN - What playable sides will be available in the sequel?

    Henrik Sebring - At this time we can only talk about one of the playable factions - The Northern Star Alliance.

    The Northern Star Alliance relies on an army of battle-hardened veterans. The ones still alive have seen combat for several years. Their units are sturdy and while they rely on more conventional weapons such as artillery, chemically propelled guns and missiles they are definitely a force to be reckoned with. Their arsenal of units includes several different forms of infantry, specialized vehicles, heavy tanks and fast copters. They rely on multi-spectrum smoke screens to hide their deployment from the enemy.

    The second faction, that we mentioned in the story line is the Terran Empire. Their weapons are more "energy" based.