Action Vault have posted part 9 of the X² - The Threat Beta Report with Fiction Co-Author Darren Astles and Development Director Bernd Lehahn:

    The ships had signs of life on-board though. Directional and warning lights flickered away in greens and reds, and the large carrier suddenly began to move. It shifted upwards and spun slightly on its axis before coming to a stop, and the docking lights began their welcome message.

    Suddenly, the smaller ships surrounding the two large vessels began to move towards the carrier, forming up into a neat line as they approached the ship and requested docking rights. One by one, they entered the belly of their master until all had disappeared from view and the welcome lights were no more.

    The large carrier ship turned and its mighty engines began to glow as it began the journey out of the dense cloud. Its sister ship turned also and followed its compatriot out of the safety of their long-time hiding place.