GameSpot have also got an interview with former Blizzard vice-president Bill Roper. Again this interview discusses the sudden departure of the studio's management and what his plans are for the future:

    As surprising as the announcement may be for fans of the Diablo games, it may be even more surprising to know how quickly the group made the decision to leave. Roper said that the departures were the result of a series of very quick events. Indeed, the first time the group will meet to discuss their company plans in depth will be tomorrow morning. But what they do know for sure is that they want to start a new game project.

    "We made a very difficult decision, Roper said. "We love everyone at the San Mateo office and at Blizzard in Irvine." In addition to this personal well-wishing, he did reveal other reasons for wanting to see Blizzard North continue on, saying, "I want to play Diablo."