FiringSquad have posted an article which tests the 3D Performance of all three RADEON 9800 variants as well as the 9700 and 9700 PRO versus the latest GeForce FX cards using Unreal Tournament 2003:

    Unfortunately, we just couldn't get accurate results with our custom demos in Unreal Tournament 2003. Our demo playback numbers were considerably lower than the actual frame rate we witnessed while recording demos - it was literally a night and day difference! Fortunately Reverend of Beyond3D was able to steer us in the right direction, it turns out we needed to add the "?timedemo" command for proper benchmarking. Armed with this knowledge, we now had all the tools we needed to get accurate results! We've decided to cut into our usual hardware coverage to bring them to you, consider this article to be the follow-up to our reviews from two weeks ago.