HomeLAN have also got an article which details a chat they had with Blizzard Vice President Bill Roper. The article covers all manner of subjects including the Warcraft III expansion pack, Frozen Throne, Starcraft: Ghost, World of Warcraft and more:

    Roper also confirmed a couple of open questions for us about Starcraft: Ghost. While in our previous email interview with Roper about the game he hinted that there would be some type of multiplayer options, Roper told us last week that the decision was made not to have any multiplayer elements at all in order to concentrate on the single player experience. Roper said that Blizzard and Nihilistic did try to come up with a number of different ideas but ultimately, "We really didn't find anything that was fun," adding that they wanted to avoid a tacked on multiplayer experience. Roper also shot down a rumor for us that Starcraft: Ghost was going to be an Xbox exclusive title. "I have no idea where those rumors came from," Roper said, assuring us that the game will be released for Playstation 2 and GameCube consoles in addition to Xbox, although they are using the Xbox as the primary development platform and porting the GameCube and PS2 versions from it.