HomeLAN continues its Firestarter Development Diary, this time written by Slava Klimov, Project Leader at GSC Gameworld. Part 3 reveals three of the good guys, the Marine, the Agent and the Policeman:

    Firestarter offers quite a few of characters, each with its unique parameters that will certainly affect the combat strategy. The computer that entrapped your mind will offer you a choice of SIX fighters: Agent, Policeman, Marine, Gunslinger, Cyborg and Mutant. The first four as you might've guessed are anthropoid, well at least they resemble people very much, the other two are creatures of some other world except for Earth. Each character will stand out with one of the 3 key parameters - Health, Armor, and Speed. Some will be able to take a lot more hits and inflict crashing damage, but will be hopeless in sprinting and hopping, others will be offset by impressive acrobatic skills, but lesser damage will force you to avoid head-on attacks and brutal forcing your enemies, and rather resort to attack-retreat tactics etc.