The Armchair Empire have posted an interview with GarageGames' Jeff Tunnell. The interview concentrates mainly on GarageGames itself but there is also the inevitable question of Willy Beamish's sequel:

    Why didn't the world ever see a sequel to the Adventures of Willy Beamish? Were there plans for a sequel?

    Like I said above, Willy Beamish was a very large project that pushed the technical envelope at the time with many industry firsts such as cell animations and working with Hollywood writers that made it a tremendous amount of work. At one time, I had Rise of the Dragon, Heart of China, Willy Beamish, and several other Dynamix games in development at one time. I was the hands-on director and designer of all of those titles as well as having responsibility for the development of other Dynamix titles. After Willy, I wanted a change, so I decided to move out of the building with a hand selected team of developers and work on some smaller, more creative ideas. Even though I had Willy 2 in development before I left, it just did not survive the transition, and was later cancelled. Unless you are there on the front lines, it is difficult to understand just how hard it is to keep a project on track, on budget, and politically viable in a company where many different people are trying to pull your project in many different directions.