RPG Vault have interviewed Cypron Studios' Stefan Pavelka and Emil Popovic about GODS: Lands of Infinity, their upcoming fantasy RPG game:

    Jonric: What kind of gameworld are you creating? How large is it, and will it have many different types of locations to explore?

    Emil Popovic: Our game world is still growing, so there is no definitive form as yet. There are 22 lands with over 100 locations so far where you can not only trade goods but also get involved in political intrigue and so influence local events as well as build up the overall prestige of your character. Locations vary from dry wilderness to ice-covered plains, seashore to high mountains.

    Our game will also lead you to a range of islands, so your heroes may become a bit seasick. :) Actually, there are several heroes in the game to lighten the load that will be placed upon their backs. I can promise you nothing but tears, blood and toil as someone famous once said.