HomeLAN chats with Norbert Cellier about Airborne Troops, their upcoming PS2-PC WWII action-adventure game:

    HomeLAN - What kinds of missions will have to be accomplished in the game?

    Norbert Cellier - Here are some mission briefings samples:

    "Sergeant Welsh, the first Airborne Trooper objective is to survive! You must pick up your lost material and join, the more discreetly as possible, the French resistance meeting point. Somebody's waiting for you here! Be carefull ! Nazis are on patrol.

    "Sergeant Welsh you must sneak to the farm. Explore the place and find out Valmy and Lacombe at any price. This two resistance chiefs ignore they are very close to be catch by the SS troops."

    "Over this factory reigns Dr Schrantz, a fanatic nazi scientist who invents flying bombs able to burst out the US army from the Normandy beaches. You will destroy raw material, stole his inventions and kill this maniac."

    "According OSS reports, Murat is now a prisoner into the Vierville Kommandantur where the Wermarcht special services are studying top secret U.S devices. Don't waist a minute, Welsh... The time is coming."