Action Vault have posted part 3 of their Q&A with the Postal 2 team. This part finds out what elements they think reviews missed and what locations are their favorite:

    Josh Leichliter

    Still a Flesh Peddler

    I keep hearing a lot of bitching about the graphics. I wonder if people realize that you can adjust your texture settings in the performance options. In many cases, the installer will default to medium or low texture quality based on your rig. In fact, there are many different graphical settings that you can adjust to maximize the experience on your machine. If you want crisp, full-res textures but your machine is a bit slow, try turning the fire and smoke effects density down, set your max fog closer, and maybe even lower the bystander population and dead bodies. You can even adjust world, character, and lightmap texture settings individually. In all, there are over 15 settings to customize so you can get the performance and graphical quality that best suits your machine.