Action Vault have posted part 2 of their Q&A with four GSC Game World developers about FireStarter, an arcade-style shooter, to find out their preferred weapons, favorite technologies and major challenges:

    Vitaly Maksimov


    Both in single- and multiplayer, I appreciate Rocket Launchers and Lasers most of all. Rocket Launchers rock because they have a multitude of options (self-guidance, flash missiles, mega-rockets with vast explosion radius and so on), so the gun appears to be of multiple uses.

    As for Lasers - laser "rays" recoil from walls simultaneously splitting into several smaller rays; i.e. you can shoot somebody around a corner, which reminds me of playing billiards and hitting a ball off-board, or you can fire several times in a small room cramped with monsters and peacefully observe them dying from the rebounding rays.