have posted a Q&A with Composer Jesper Kyd, who has writen music for such titles as Brute Force and Hitman 2, about what he thinks of the status of the audio of today's video games:

    What was it like working with Digital Anvil to produce the Brute Force soundtrack? How do you like working on the Xbox?

    Jesper K: It was a lot of fun. I got to experiment with futuristic music, especially for the alien planet of Shrik. This planet includes some intense, but slow, experimental dance music. Very funky stuff and very dark and evil. I love doing insane stuff like that. I spent the first 12 years of my career composing electronic music, so I am very comfortable writing these types of scores. More recently, I have started focusing on symphonic music as well. Combining these 2 very different music approaches is something I enjoy. Especially the score for the forthcoming Xbox game Freedom: Soldiers of Liberty, which will reflect this mutation. In Freedom I combine a huge live choir (The Hungarian Radio Choir) with techno beats and other very electronic sounding instruments.