RPG Vault have posted part 22 of their Horizons Journal, which takes a look at Artifact Entertainment's MMORPG. In this edition Creative Director David Bowman talks about part of the world history:

    The Saris are a proud race, originating from feline stock. They have existed for many years on Lesser Aradoth, sharing the island with the oft-ostracized Sslik. They have co-habitated with the Sslik in relative peace, and the Saris have been one of the largest contributors of material and manpower to the Living Races during the Age of Lamentations. This is not surprising, as the foundations of Saris thought and civilization stand in stark contrast to those of the Withered Aegis. The Saris are an extremely spiritual race, and they view the tampering and exploitation of souls as a direct violation of their moral code.

    The Saris have enjoyed the luxury of maintaining their way of life in relative safety from the Withered Aegis, being on the furthest reaches of the mainland. Some races hit hardest by the Lament, especially the Elves, bear some animosity against the Saris because of this. The Saris' slight air of superiority about them certainly does not help matters in this regards, though their assistance against the Withered Aegis has never been turned away when offered.