Action Vault have posted part 3 of their Q&A with the Will Rock team. This time they ask the team what their favorite enemies were:

    Sergey Boginskiy


    The most interesting opponents in Will Rock, in my opinion, are not the most powerful ones (although the Medusa certainly qualifies as a class A beauty queen). The skeletons turned out to be one of my favorites. There are several reasons for this. Their idiotic behavior seems really natural for them - it makes them seem more alive. Also, when you realize that their bark is a lot worse than their actual bite, you actually start to pity them a little bit - all that noise but yet so little damage.

    I also like the Centaurs and Skeletaurs (especially when there are a lot of them). They are so fast and relentless that you have absolutely no time to stop and aim - if you do you will be tossed up by one of their pitchforks and land under the legs of another one.