Action Vault have posted part 4 of their Q&A with the IGI 2 team. This time they ask the team what 2 multiplayer maps they like the most:

    Simon Humphreys

    Assistant Development Manager, External Development, Codemasters

    My favourite IGI 2 map is Timberland. We used this map throughout the beta test period of IGI 2, and everyone has played it hundreds of times, but we still see new and interesting tactics. The map is very balanced, as it should be after all that time. A well-organized defence can hold the first objective pretty easily, but as soon as they lose it, the rest of the mission favours the attackers.

    Another map I really enjoy is Redstone. It's not everyone's favourite map because of the large open areas and the difficult climb to the top of the rocket. I like sniping though, so this is an ideal map for me. There's something satisfying about letting someone climb all the way to the top of the rocket and putting a Barret round into them just as they are about to complete the objective.