RPG Vault have posted part 14 of their Q&A with a handful of the Reflexive developers about their single and multiplayer RPG, Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader. In this edition they ask what character types the team members would like to try:

    Ion Hardie

    Co-Producer and Lead Designer and, Reflexive Entertainment

    Well, I always play archers; whether it is "pure" archers, or archers that split up the skill point spending with magic spells, archers just appeal to me the most. I play an archer in just about every game that has an archer as a player option. However, if I HAD to try and branch out, I would think it could be interesting to focus completely on magic spells as my dominant attack method.

    All of the aggressive Thought Spell Branches (fire, ice, electricity) are equally viable in my mind, even though I will admit Lightning Storm is pretty cool looking. I just find an extreme amount of satisfaction from taking enemies down before they have a chance to get close to me. While other extreme character options sound interesting, such as a stealthy guy that talks his way out of just about everything and casts spells that confuse the enemies into fighting each other, I like direct combat methods for solving problems. However, it bears mentioning that there are subtle things that we have stuck into the game that reward those players that put points into what could be viewed as "lesser" skills, such as lock-pick or finding traps/secret areas. There are just some things in the game you won't find without high values of each of these...