Action Vault have posted part 2 of their Q&A with five of the Postal 2 development team. This time they ask about their respective favorite days and their biggest challenges as players:

    Geoff Neale

    Animation Whore

    Day 4 is without question my favorite day to play. The gameplay that occurs during these errands, and the fodder surrounding you just kicks me in my hind parts like no other. You've got napalm, my favorite section of the game, that pits you up against unarmed engineer types with projectile vomiting, then you grab the napalm, hell breaks loose, and suddenly I'm playing a platform level over vats of flammable liquids and the fire, and the burning and the glaven... kick ass! Shooting and looting and jumping about - its all up ons! Damn!

    Then there's meat world. It's funny inside. It's also the hardest level alive. If I may opine, this is the most challenging section of the game. If you can make it through here without being a little cheat whore, on hestonworld difficulty or above, you are good. The design of the level is great too, really reminds me of the meat lockers in

    Predator 2. Gotta love the human meat grinders, except for you uday, keep it in the game you fucktard. The library errand is also my favorite, but it's on Day 2, so I can't talk about it now.