The Sports Gaming Network reviews editor, Tim Martin, has posted an article called Here's the real Y2k bug, which takes a look at the recent news that SEGA has dropped its 2k sports game franchise in favour of the ESPN one:

    Hell, when I think of ESPN NFL football, I immediately think of the gaudy games that were released under the same names a few years ago with Konami. Remember ESPN International Track & Field? How about ESPN International Winter Sports? Hey, ESPN NBA 2 Night wasn't so bad ... if you had traded in your copy of Dr. J versus Bird to get it.

    My words are harsh, but this is one more questionable marketing decision by Sega in a long list of them. The sudden switch is like when Sunkist turned to Fanta Orange or when J.R. Rider changed his name to Isiah Rider then back. It's an unneccessary confusion in a stiff business world where timing is everything.