PlanetMedalOfHonor have Questioned Jacob Hawley about Breakthrough, the expansion pack for Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault from TKO Software:

    Coolballer: When did you first begin getting involved with the MOH franchise, and when did you decide that you would like to develop an expansion?

    Jacob Hawley: Hmm. Another kind of funny story: one of the designers that we had hired for another project was ICQ'ing a pal of his. Anyhow, he walked into my office one rainy morning and asked if I would be interested in working on Medal of Honor. Needless to say I spilled my coffee with laughter and saying something along the lines of "It's too freaking early to be pulling my chain".

    Well as it turned out he wasn't kidding, and soon after we were making a pitch to EALA. Following a brief studio visit and a swoosh of the pen, we had submitted a solid set of concept art and our journey began. From then on it has been a hectic dash to make sure there was more game play, higher quality gags, and better replay ability in multiplayer then the previous two titles.