Action Vault have posted an Alpha Black Zero: Intrepid Protocol Development Report. In this edition developers Khaeon and publishers Playlogic explain the premise and introduce the main characters:


    Three hundred years into the future, mankind has colonized nearby star systems and has united in one planetary federation, SolGov (Sol Government).

    SolGov is always expanding. It sells newly discovered planets to mega-corporations so that they can commercially exploit them, terraforming planetary bodies until they are hospitable to humans. These worlds are then seeded with colonists who will go on to create a developed industrial society.

    Political independence will eventually be gained when the planetary economy has evolved to the point where the colonists can "buy" the planet from the corporation after having paid off the terraforming development debts.

    The planet then becomes eligible to join the SolGov Interplanetary Senate after a trial period of 50 years.

    In this way, SolGov and its mega-corporations (the pillars of its capitalist society) acquire large amounts of monetary assets while providing more habitable worlds for the ever-growing galactic population of mankind.