HomeLAN have posted a Q&A with Ensemble Studios' game designer Ian Fischer about Age Of Mythology: The Titans, the upcoming expansion pack for Age Of Mythology:

    HomeLAN - When did development start on the expansion pack and what were the development team's main goals?

    Ian Fischer - Expansion packs are a lot of fun for us to design because we start out with an interesting focus - take the game that everyone on the team has been playing every day for the last year and figure out how to make it feel new. Our initial high level goal is thus to design new things that will make the game different. While we're working on that, we also like to see how the game is evolving in the community. If certain play styles are becoming predominant or pieces of the game aren't getting as much use as we wanted, we then try to figure out ways to add things that will change the strategies up a little or make players take a second look at parts of the game they might be ignoring. Finally, we always have a big list of tweaks that would make the overall game just a touch better here or there, and we try to use the expansion pack as a platform for testing out some of these refinements.