EverQuest Vault have posted an interview with Q&A with the game's Producer James Parker:

    EverQuest Vault: The world of Norrath has always had a rich history since the original EQ MMORPG launched, can you tell us a little about the plot of the single-player campaign?

    James Parker: The story takes 10,000 years before current EverQuest and the lands are in great turmoil after Rallos' botched attempt to invade the plane of earth. The giants are scattered, the Ogres have been cursed, and the goblins have had a punishment so great that it has not been spoken. Alas a small wrinkle in the elder gods plans, a book of untold power has been told to exist which will turn any mortal into a deity and with that Rallos plans on rallying his troops to help him in his attempt to recover this artifact.

    Three different alliances are formed and one sets out to gain control and take over. Another faction wants to find and destroy it and another wants the book to establish law and order throughout the realm.