EON Digital have announced that it will be releasing the PC version of Super Bust-A-Move in September 2001. Below is the full press release which describes the game:

    EON Digital Entertainment is delighted to announce it will be releasing the PC version of Super Bust-A-Move in September 2001.

    The Taito series has been enthralling games players for over ten years, and Super Bust-A-Move is the result of years of gameplay fine-tuning. Players control one of several heroes, each of whom controls a projectile device used to propel coloured orbs into screens littered with similarly coloured globes. The idea of the game is to link together batches of three or more like-coloured orbs, whereupon they disappear.

    As with all the best puzzle games, this simple premise is complicated by a wealth of subtle nuances to create one of the most addictive games imaginable. Super Bust-A-Move's tortuously designed levels often necessitate the use of ricocheted shots in order to string together certain groups, while the possibilities of creating chain reactions and a strict time-limit add to the frenetic pace. Add to this a two-player mode wherein any bubbles one player clears are added to their opponents' screen and it is easy to see why the Taito series enjoys such longevity.

    "We are delighted to be adding a game of such pedigree to our roster of titles - and to continue our strong relationship with Taito," commented Dani Winterburn, EON's Marketing Director. "Super Bust-A-Move will delight and enthrall PC owners and we are extremely proud to be releasing the ultimate version of this title, so it can attract a new wealth of fans with its sheer playability."