Nintendo Insider have posted part 5 of their Nintendo Analysis. This part titled, The M&N, which takes a look at and compares Nintendo with Microsoft:

    It is now that those who plan to participate in the next generation of video games begin to create their plans for the up-coming generation of games. A video game takes roughly two years to produce, and hardware is needed to play those games. So, it's only common knowledge that while the game-makers prepare the next-generation of Zelda and Grand Theft Auto, hardware makers are preparing the hardware that those games will need to be played. Yes, it's true. The PS3, Xbox2 and GameCube2 are in the works.

    With talk of a Sony launch as early as spring of 2005, both Nintendo and Microsoft will need to decide how they plan to compete against the monster. Will they launch before Sony's Playstation 3 or will they launch at the same time as the sure-to-be monster? There are many ways of trying to compete with Sony's giant. One of the possible ways for Sony to be unthrowned, is for Nintendo and Microsoft to partner and create the Playstation-killer. Of course, this opinion may not be shared by everyone, but it's definitely a possibility. That isn't to say it's the best way to go, however, because it, of course has its shortcomings.