Action Vault have posted an X2 Beta report with Fiction Co-Author Darren Astles:

    The tunnel evaporated in a flash and spat me out into sector Cloudbase Southwest. I immediately hit full thrust; you always exited a gate at low speed - something to do with gate physics, mass and things beyond my comprehension. I shook my head, and the thoughts flew off like water drops from an Argon hound, shaking itself dry.

    I veered downwards and to my right, in the general direction of the Goner temple. The ship's shields were recharging, slowly. I'd just made it and I selected the Goner base as my target and instructed the computer to take me there. After a quick un-strapping of harness, I made my through the small corridor to the rear turret.

    I took the seat and gave the rear gun a comforting workout, making circling motions against its arc of fire. I pulled off a single shot to satisfy myself it worked, I wanted all the energy I could muster for what I thought was about to happen, and then, I settled my gaze on the mass of the gate I had just exited.