RPG Vault have posted the second Anarchy Online: Shadowlands Blueprint with Game Designer Marius Enge. In this edition he describes the new system of Perks and special attacks in the expansion pack:

    "Forget the concept that a perk is a key to the executive washroom or a prime parking spot. Anarchy Online's latest expansion, The Shadowlands, offers POWER as a benefit for leveling, grouping and specializing in its new "Perk" package.

    Perks will be evident from the moment a player over level 10 installs the expansion pack, and will materialize mainly as stat modifications and special abilities.

    A new Perk GUI is introduced where players can choose their perks and perk lines. A character will have many perk lines available to select from, each line containing anywhere from three to 10 individual perks.

    There are three types of perk lines - special perk lines unique for each profession, perk lines available to a particular group of professions, and general perk lines available to all professions."