HomeLAN have also posted a Q&A with Planet Moon Studios' Aaron Loeb about Armed and Dangerous, their upcoming third person PC/Xbox action game:

    HomeLAN - Can you briefly describe the main characters of Armed and Dangerous?

    Aaron Loeb - Roman is the hero of Armed & Dangerous. A tough thief raised on the mean streets of Midden's capital by a madman called Rexus, over the years Roman has come to form a band of unlikely heroes called the Lionhearts. An expert marksman, a criminal mastermind and a mean S.O.B., Roman's gruff exterior hides a man with a deep commitment to doing the right thing. That's not so true of his best friend, Jonesy, a Scottish mole miner who grew up with Roman. The Lionhearts' demolitions expert, Jonesy is sarcastic, mean-spirited and selfish - but he's absolutely devoted to his friends. Q1-11, on the other hand, is gentle, kind and quite proper. A former killer robot who used to be a part of King Forge's army, Q achieved self-awareness through his deep and abiding love of tea. Destined for the scrap heap, Q was saved by Roman and now serves partly as his strong-arm, partly as his manservant. The last "member" of the Lionhearts is Rexus, Roman's foster father. Once a renowned doctor, sorcerer, seer and sage, Rexus has descended into madness and stinkiness due to a blunt head trauma.