HomeLAN have posted a Q&A with Britton LaRoche of Amped Labs about Rise Of Power, their upcoming sci-fi MMRPG-first person shooter:

    HomeLAN - How did the idea behind Rise of Power come about?

    Britton LaRoche - When I first played Counter-Strike I was disappointed to find that the weapons I purchased and my bank account did not last. My inventory disappeared when the map changed on the server. Losing my stuff in Counter-Strike gave me the idea of a persistent character and inventory residing on a player database. The next thought was why stop at weapons? Why not add vehicles, bots and buildings? The idea was very appealing and I thought it would be a big hit amongst the gamers of the FPS genre. I also thought it would be neat to have a game that one player could actually win. The concept of a virtual rise through the ranks to gain power seemed like it might be the sort of addictive thing gamers could get into.