GameSpy have posted Part 2 of an article which chronicles the 25 Dumbest Moments in Gaming History. This part concentrates or moments 21 to 16:

    Once upon a time there a man who could ride his bicycle really, really well. He, like another man who could ride a skateboard really, really well, wanted to make lots and lots of money by licensing his name and likeness to a video-game company. He did this with a company from Long Island, New York, and together they produced a series of moderately entertaining video games using the Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX name. Everybody made money, and all was well in the kingdom.

    Then an evil marketing wizard thought to himself, "These BMX games have sold pretty well. Is there any way that I could make even more money while putting in less effort?" He thought, and he thought, and at last he realized, "I know! Let's do another Dave Mirra game, only this time we'll have much less gameplay and development time, but much more pixelated nudity, cursing, and videos of strippers! That'll sell like hotcakes to the oversexed, undersocialized, lowest-common-denominator gamers I have so much contempt for!"