ESCmag have posted a Q&A with Actor Jonathan Sale about his motion capture work, which helped bring GTA: Vice City's Tommy Vercetti to life:

    How were the scenes acted out? Was it just you, or you and other actors? Did you act out the script, to get the various motions just right?

    It was much like shooting a movie. We had the entire script. We rehearsed for two weeks and shot for one week. We shot all of the cutscenes ... with up to four actors at a time. The computer could not process more than four motion capture actors at a time. The days were long; lots of scenes to shoot. All of the dialog was memorized.

    Funny thing is, with all of the money they spend and make on (Vice City), the set pieces we used were very basic. The getaway car that the lawyer uses to help Tommy escape at the beginning after the coke deal goes bad was just four metal folding chairs, a Fisher-Price steering wheel (literally) and a wrestling mat covering the 'back seat' so that I didn't hurt myself jumping in.