PC Gameworld have posted a Q&A with XXv Productions' Jonathan Boakes about their upcoming Adventure game sequel, Dark Fall 2: Lights Out!:

    [PCGW] You obviously are an adventure gamer yourself, but do you play any other genres or are you influenced by them?

    [JB] I love games, and play as many as possible. As well as being a "pure" adventure fan, I am a huge fan of the first person shooters. I like several genres, and would hate to spend my time just playing one. Of the fully-3D games I would say the two Thief titles and System Shock 2 are some of my favorites.

    Those games have great stories, graphics and atmosphere, quite an accomplishment. Looking Glass Studios left us quite a legacy. The unnerving "sneak" action of the games has definitely been an influence on my adventure titles, as well as other shooters such as Deus Ex and the Half-Life series.