HomeLAN chats with Akella's Andrew Belkin about their recently announced third person action game, Axle Rage:

    HomeLAN - What kinds of levels and settings will be seen in Axle Rage?

    Andrew Belkin - All the action takes place in a big post-apocalyptic megapolis of the future - Nailsdale city, and, as I've said before it is big single free-roaming environment and the main gaming arena. Set on an artificial coastal platform. Nailsdale used to be a prosperous city some days. However it's no longer a good place to be at in the time of the game. Its streets are full of gangs and mobs, the police is able to control only the central part of the city (Inner City island) while the rest is a true battle field. As all cities Nailsdale has certain districts like Port Area or Outer City, that features different architect styles and key locations. Concerning the last ones, the player will be able to visit and explore (and beat bad guys, of course), such places as Sea Port (as you have already guest), Bikers Den, Underground Fight Club and many others.