RPG Vault have posted an interview with Product Manager Alan Wild and Lead Game Designer Michael Bhatty about Sacred, the upcoming Fantasy-RPG from Ascaron:

    Jonric: What has taken place in the backstory to set up the situation confronting the player to start the game? What happens in the main storyline within the game, and what is the ultimate objective?

    Alan Wild: The movie introduction at the start of the game will set the conflict. Here, you'll see a sorcerer summoning a demon from the depths of hell. However, the spell goes awry, and the demon is unleashed on the world of Ancaria, bringing with it death and destruction. The ultimate aim will be to track down this demon and eradicate it, freeing Ancaria from its wrath.

    Michael Bhatty: Well, if this sounds like a common fantasy story, you are right, as it was my intention to pick you up where you left some fantasy stories the last time you enjoyed them. However, this major conflict acts as a background, like a clamp that has to keep the whole plot together. Interconnected are several dramatic events that will evolve while the gamer lives his life through the realm of Ancaria. We have political intrigues, epic battles and abducted women, mysterious sects who are serving strange and long forgotten demigods, a military occupation and, of course - as I love a good happy end - a rebellion to be won. And by the way, all these elements are chained to each other in some way or the other. And who knows... there are some allies who might turn traitor - will new and strange friends appear where you don't expect them?