HomeLAN have also interviewed Secret Level's Leif Jensen about Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds, their upcoming PC/Xbox fighting game:

    HomeLAN - What sorts of magic attacks will fighters have access to in Battlegrounds?

    Leif Jensen - Spells are broken down into three categories, Creatures, Sorceries, and Enchantments which you can cast after you've collected a certain amount of mana. The more mana you collect, the bigger creature or stronger sorcery you can cast. Creature spells consist of different goblins, elves, demons and giants where sorceries are spells that instantly do damage to your opponent or his creatures. Sorceries can also do other stuff such as heal or sabotage your opponent. Enchantments are more like permanent sorceries. For example, there is an enchantment in the game called Gratuitous Violence, which doubles your creatures' power until the end of the match, unless your opponent destroys that enchantment with a counter spell. The spells in the game seem to have limitless combinations and strategies similar to the card game.