HomeLAN have posted a Q&A with Game Designer Jane Jensen about her return to PC adventure game design via The Adventure Company:

    HomeLAN - The PC games industry has changed a bit since your last game. Do you think that the PC adventure game genre has gotten bigger or smaller since your last venture in the industry?

    Jane Jensen - I was pleased to see that it's gotten larger actually. It's strange because in the mainstream gaming community it's practically disappeared -- you don't see it at all in the magazines or mainstream websites. But in fact there's been a 'grass roots' kind of movement going on - a lot of sites like justadventure.com and adventuregamers.com, even sites dedicated to selling the older adventure games. I think it's because the mainstream industry just isn't providing the adventure game players with what they need. And sales have improved also, despite everything. Some of recent The Adventure Company titles have sold more than the best Sierra adventures ever did. I think what's happened is that, as PC Data points out, the demographic of people buying computer games has broadened, and adventure games do very well with women and people who are a bit older than the typical console game player. These people want product that doesn't revolve around shooting and "twitch."