Heres a few updates from the MGON site:

Firstly a preview of Sigma. Heres a bit:

    By moving a number of sliders on a scale and selecting a few basic animals Mr Garden conjured up a hybridised 'scout' creature which was based on a cheetah and a chameleon. As he moved the slider from one side of the scale to the other the creature changed from a cheetah headed chameleon, to a half and half mix of both creatures to finally a cheetah with a hint of chameleon colouring in its fur.
Secondly a preview of Motor City Online:

    Physically the gameworld in Motor City Online will be a small metropolis. You will have to purchase garage space and choose which side of town your operation will be located. There will be options to customise your abode so that the gameworld has as many unique places as possible.
Also a review of Strike Force:

    To more accurately hit an object or opponent you need to use the alternate fire button, which makes your character bring the weapon up to shoulder/eye level (depending on the weapon) to aim better. This of course also means that your character will move more slowly, but when making an entry into a guarded house having a more solid aim is definitely vital if you intend to stay alive.