RPG Vault have posted part 26 of their ongoing Q&A with Peter Tyson about Dragon Empires, Codemasters' massively multiplayer online RPG:

    Jonric: Since the end of the show, what kinds of things have you had to follow up on? And what types of questions did you face from the rest of the team who were in the office working?

    Peter Tyson: I've been working on a lot of interviews and chatting to various journalists. The rest of the team were keen to hear how we did, so we sent out a lot of pictures and summaries. We have to work hard for them as well since they put so much time into getting the game ready for E3, including two testing sessions that didn't finish 'til 3 AM! Other than asking about how the game went, everyone wanted to know about the various booth babes and Half-Life 2. Gamers huh?!