Eurogamer have interviewed Kev Shaw, Big Mutha Truckers' lead designer at Eutechnyx about various topics including game licenses, technology and game design:

    Kristan Reed: Which game design are you proudest about and why?

    Kev Shaw: Although I'm very proud of the design, I'm very, very proud of the script work I did on Big Mutha Truckers. Our intention was always to have a script that worked on a couple of levels - not in an arty, pretentious manner, but in a double entendre fashion, so the younger players would laugh at the silly voices and funny characters, but older players would think 'did he just say what I think he said...?'

    Despite the fact that there are some pretty lowbrow gags in there, some of them are quite subtle, too, so it has a very broad appeal. I also think it's also a bit subversive in places - but don't tell anybody that...

    It's also travelled well and we've received numerous compliments from American colleagues on how we managed to create a script that encapsulated American humour (humor?) so well.

    Bud Tucker in Double Trouble (1995) was another design I was particularly pleased with. It was a PC point-and-click adventure based in a cartoony world and the puzzles had their own kind of quirky logic. But at the end of the day they were still logical in a warped way, something that was quite a challenge to achieve.